Create Streams of Passive Income and Build Long-Term Wealth

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We provide investors direct access to being a shareholder in multifamily assets. A trusted operating partner with strong alignment of interests is critically important.

We have a proven track record of success that is attributed to conservative assumptions, operational excellence, and meticulous asset management. We only win when you win since we invest as a Limited Partner alongside our investors in every deal.

As a shareholder that participates in monthly cashflow and equity upside, you’ll build wealth, produce passive income, and lower tax liability. Our investors enjoy peace of mind and the preservation of capital.

Live life on your own terms. You’ve worked hard for capital to have the opportunity to invest.  Make your money work as hard for you, as you did for it.

Major Tax Advantages

1031 Exchange to defer capital gains tax through rolling proceeds of the sale into another real estate investment in the future.

Depreciation helps to off-set your income tax liability. This is advantageous for high income earners needing a tax break.

Diversification and safety

It is an excellent alternative to investing in the stock market or any other volatile investment, as it provides stability, tax benefits, freedom, upside, and wealth creation.

Peace of mind

Your money will be invested in a real asset. It is not a white-paper investment or lofty idea. You will be a shareholder of real, tangible property that is a slow, but steady and secure wealth builder.


Our past real estate deals range from full-fledged multiple six-figure rehabs, to slight improvements on managing the property more efficiently in order to add value and capture equity. In addition to the multifamily experience, we are proud to say that we have also participated in over 500 real estate transactions that include a myriad of single family properties.

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