Brooks Mosier

Principal, General Partner

Brooks leads, implements, and executes UnitedPoint Capital’s primary investment strategy. He oversees underwriting, collaborates in
due diligence, and frequently interacts with investors and lenders. He has extensive experience in the repositioning of real estate that
includes successful full-cycle multifamily transactions and over 700 transactions as a principal in the single-family space. He has
helped raise capital that’s been successfully deployed into numerous real estate projects and knows the Kansas City market well. He
works with investors and lenders to secure the most efficient capital stack during the acquisition process.


Nick Barela

Principal, General Partner

With more than 17 years of real estate experience, Nick is known and respected for his abilities to manage and oversee construction projects and property improvements. He is a visionary for the company, consulting with UnitedPoint Capital’s investors and partners, as well as frequently interfacing with new investors. He’s involved in assessing the viability of new projects, creating the business plan, and ensuring that projections can realistically be achieved. He’s managed the construction and repositioning for hundreds of single family homes and multifamily assets, as well as raised $30MM+ in capital. Nick is married and is a father of five children. He enjoys spending quality time with his family, traveling, sports, and is involved with his church.